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    Listen on Online Radio Box! StudioRock RadioStudioRock Radio

    Our Featured Artist: Lindsay Ell

    Lindsay Ell's Website

    “I’ve learned to care a little less about what everybody thinks,” says singer/songwriter/guitarist Lindsay Ell. “Following my gut instinct, truly saying what I want to say—that’s the magic, the elements that make you relatable and real. Before, I was worrying about writing for radio, for fans, but now this is what I know, this is my journey. And the more honest I get, the more effective it is.”

    With her new album, heart theory, Ell does just that, weaving the story of her journey of the heart in her own voice using her arsenal of tools as a musician and artist to give each song the sonic backdrop it deserves. “Theory is the science of music, heart theory is the science of a heart,” says Ell.

    The tracks take the listener along the path of the seven stages of grief: shock, denial, anger, bargaining, depression, testing and acceptance. “If my last record was called The Project, this one could be called the process.” From the shock-to-the-heart felt in the groovy opening track “Hits me” to the sing-along-at-the-top-of-your-lungs acceptance of the closing track “ReadY to love,” Ell invites you to experience her journey.

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