A Pet Fox in Arkansas

Ron is a pet red fox that was bought from a licensed exotic animal breeder, in Oklahoma, captive-bred and hand-raised. The state of Arkansas allows pet foxes without any permit needed.
He enjoys a large outdoor habitat and also a small indoor caged spot in my living room. Foxes are said to make ‘bad’ pets, but I would rather say foxes make wonderful pets!… just rather destructive, moody pets, NOT FOR CHILDREN.

Every potential fox owner/companion MUST have an outdoor pen built fox-proof; here’s some examples— http://www.furaffinity.net/view/2812518/ http://raptor-painter.deviantart.com/…

Now the best resource…http://sybilsden.com/caresheet/fox.htm
It is Sybil’s Message Board. The link is for the Foxes forum…hundreds of posts for you to read up on!


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  1. Brittney Blake
    Brittney Blake says:

    Bro I need a pet fox, and I can’t get one transported here from another state… So either I’m going to get bitten by something wild or I’m going to have to wait forever to get what I want…


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